Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Interview with music Producer Willy-G

Producer Willy-G
We caught up with Willy G the Namibian beat-maker that produced J-Black's debut album "My T.I.M.E" among other projects, and is also part of the kwaito/hip hop duo C.U.P. Check out his Q&A with Nam Hip Hop news:

Q: Who is willy G?
A: Willy-G is a Namibian music producer, born and raised in Windhoek city.
Q: How & When did you start producing and do you produce for a specific genre?
A: Started producing at the age of 13, coz I wanted to rap soo much and of course as a kid, I couldn't afford to pay for my own beats so I decided to start making my own.

Q:Who have you worked with as a producer?
A: I can produce any type of genre as long as I do my research, but I love Hip-Hop and Kwaito. Just last year I produced a my first ever Dancehall beat "Bad Gyal" which is gonna be on D-Jay's new album "Champion", its a banger!!

Q:What are some of your successful projects?
A: I've worked with a lotta people so far, J-Black, D-Jay, Paradox, Blacksheep, Tesh, Catty Catt, Brain The Tool, Tulisan, SouthWest, Mappz, KP, KingRich, M.C-RAY, Qonja, Sinna G, Nasha Blaque, KaniBal, Magic Ent. and the list goes on.

Q: How do people get your beats, if one was looking for a Willy-G beat?
A: People can inbox me on my facebook page, Willy-G (Mr. Producer), or follow me on twitter @Willyg_CUP.

Q:Your local Top 5 MCs?
A: My top 5 would be KP Illest, J-Black, M.C-RAY, Brain The Tool & Mappz.
Q:What do you think of Ru winning the Best Hip Hop award?
A: What I think of Ru winning best hip hop, Ru did her thing, congrats to her, her net game (advertising) is crazy. She works hard. Stop hating..

Q:If you had to select 3 artists to open for an international act, who would that be and why?
A: I would get 061, D-Jay (Make sure his with Sam, lol) & Gazza, these people just simply know how to put on a show.

Q:Are you currently working on anything that the public should expect?
A: Well im not workin on anything big right now, just gonna be droppin them #WilliamMustBeControl'd beats. We just recently finished up K.P Illest mixtape, I also did some work on Brain's "Brown Boy" project droppin 10th May, C.U.P & Nasha Blaque's collaboration project & D-Jay's upcoming "Champion" album. For now the fans can download my newly produced tracks including Bankrot, No I.D, Como'entao & Johnny Teende on my soundcloud page, https://soundcloud.com/willy-g.

Q: Your local celebrity crush?
A: My local celeb crush would of course be, she been FIIINEEE...

Q: What Hip Hop artist do you think has progressed, as a producer?
A: I think that the homie D-Nyc (D-Jay) has really stepped up, I mean errbody will understand and hear the progress that his made after his album is out.

Q:Lastly, the ladies would wanna know, are you single?
A: Am I single? In the end we all are.

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