Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Interview: One-on-One with Bella Harris

"Bella Harris"
Female rapper Bella Harris recently signed to Blackwidow Music Entertainment, and is expected to release her debut album in 2013 (title unrevealed). The female MC has worked on a couple of mixtapes that were distributed online, mostly freestyles, where music lovers recognized her rap skills and has gained popularity through social networks and the media. Bella Harris who goes by the pseudonym Miss-Get-It-If-I-Want-It has been seen performing at major shows & events across the country. We caught up with the raptress:

"female MC Bella Harris"

Q: What is behind the name Bella Harris?
A: Bella Harris is one of my million&one personalities, Bella meaning "beautiful" and Harris my family name.

Q: What are your other personalities?
A: Denise Harris, a very sad, overprotective & aggressive girl that lives inside of me. It's bad news whenever she comes out! And L3, the person I become whenever I get on stage, Bella Harris steps out and watches her do her thing. Yeah you heard me, I don't depend on alcohol to make it happen, I depend on L3.

Q: What is Hip Hop in your opinion?
A: Hip Hop isn't just a music genre, it is a culture!

Q: How did you fall in love with the Art?
A: Writing has always been my first passion, until a close friend of mine convinced me to record a rap song & see how it would turn out. After recording the first 16bars I KNEW I was home.

Q: Who has been your inspiration thus far?
A: definitely Kimmy Blanco, greatest female MC of all time.

Q: Top 5 local rappers?
A: 5. Stix, 4. Stitch, 3. Marven South Gate, 2.K.K, 1. Plamborghini

Q: What roles can a famale MC play in your community?
A: In our community there's no room for being rebellious girls, I represent all the women who've been judged and rejected by society because of just being HUMAN! Confidence is what I hope to plant in our women.

Q: Any upcoming projects?
A: Yes, currently working on the release of my debut album, details will be available in due time.

Q: Bella Harris five years from now?
A: 5 years from now you will be looking at a retired, filthy rich rapper turned businesswoman.

Q: What are the issues you tackle in your music?
A: I speak about my life experiences (fantasy & reality)

"Bella Harris performing "
Q: Kapana or KFC?
A: I am more of a chicken person, so I'd go for KFC. Nando's is my favourite.

Q: What is in your handbag most of the time?
A: Lip Gloss, no question, it's a must have...and chewing gum! Ca$h too, obviously..

Q: What do you think of men with beer bellies?
A: Things I find unattractive may be attractive to somebody else and things I find attractive may not be attractive to someone else, so they are attractive in their own right.

Q: Hotpants or thongs?
A: both.

Q: Love or Lust?
A: love is for the weak, I am not one of em.
"BUSTY rapper Bella Harris"
Q: Cash or cheque?
A: either you gimme Cash or you can just bounce like that cheque you trynna gimme.

Q: And finally, why do you like exposing your boobs? A: I am confident in my body, a lotta women with my built are insecure, always wishing their breasts were smaller. I used to feel like that, but now here I am, this is me saying "yes they're big & I'm happy, get over it!!!"



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