Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Top 40 NamCees

This is the first ever compiled list of Namibia's annual Top 40 NamCees, where fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite rappers from the Land of The Brave. When the public votes came in, out of 54 nominated names, only 30 rappers managed to get votes from the public, which automatically cut our annual Top 40 NamCees to top 30. And below is how the votes tallied:

30. Zilla

29. The Boy Jay

28. Ru

27. Mr Diamonds

26. Lil D

25. Lioness

24. LeSean

23. KP Illest

22. K’Chinga

21. KaniBal

20. Jean-Michael

19. J-Black

18. GB

17. Dice

16. Catty Cat

15. Ali ThatDude

14. Miss Cassy

13. D-Jay

12. K.K

11. PLamborghini

10. Mark Question

9. Marven SouthGate

8. M.C-RAY

7. Bella Harris

6. AJ

5. Major P

4. Hilifa94

3. Zane Haze

2. Skrypt

1. Rush


  1. Are they all in Namibia? I am not familiar with some of them.

  2. Only friends of the artists voted rush is weak to be number one was killed by KP on straight from the street battle on 100 now he here feeling he is the best. Turn it up said down

  3. Dude I aint feeln nothn, u feeln sumething doe...regardless of who voted for me friends or fans it makes no difference. It just shows that I have a loyal fanbase. Why did you not encourage your people to vote for who you feel deserves that spot? Now u here cryin like a lil b.... "Men lie,women lie,numbers don't" get out here wif ur hatin a..

  4. hell no too the person who did this up date!!!

  5. never heard of half of these guys ... do they only do living room shows? Where can I buy albums ... sounds like lies about dreams to me ....

  6. Rubbbbbbbbbbbbbish!!!!!! K'chinga is dope and ya'll know dat...I got your back bro

  7. This is an interesting list, makes me wana know more..

  8. Where is JERICHO on this shit, LAUKEY,PARADOX...? i hardly know most of this dude..where is STATIC PLAYA,,,LO-SKI...