Friday, 5 April 2013

Interview with Stitch

"rapper Stitch"

Stitch is considered one of the smartest lyrical rappers in Namibia, after he has shown amazing word play, and is a member of the super group The TRIBE. The rapper dropped his debut album titled "A.B.C - All Bout Cash" in October 2012, which includes hits like "Keep It Alive" that secured him a nomination for Best Hip Hop at the NAMAs 2013. Check out Stitch's Q&A with Nam Hip Hop News:

Q: Who is Stitch?
A: Stitch is a crazy, skitsofrantic that decided to give his "other" personality the very bizzar but also meaningful name. Born in the same location of God "Golgota 13" but was a very naughty dude so got sent to my mom in S.A, long story short they didn't give me the name Stitch for nothing. I'm deadly lyrically.
Q: What inspires your raw cutting lyrics?
A: Well I listen to myself a lot, always learn new words and obviously play xbox. So combine those three with the most creative brain in namibian get me! Point being, I inspire and believe in myself, confidence can do miracles...
Q: How did you fall in love with the rap game?
A: It started at school, I was and Still am a big Eminem fan, cause I relate to his music. My friends would always tease me for being light in complexion, and he made it cool to be a crazy, not just that but I felt I can change the Namibia industry like i'm Photoshop, so I tried and here I am

Q: What has been your experience in the game?
A: To be honest people aren't who they say they are, it's a sneaky business. They all talk about each other a lot, sometimes good and sometimes bad....I want the money not the fame
Q: How many tattooes do you have? And does each one have specific meaning?
A: I need to count them individually and I think that's possible, anyway the last time I checked I had 60....but really don't know that's just a number I guessed.....I got one for every time I went through something bad in life, I've been through a lot I 
 Q: Who are your local Top 5 rappers?
A: 5. KaniBal...he's talented, he got mad beats, sings, shoots his own videos, and dope bars.
4. Quido...I think he shouldnt have changed the way he rapped...boy has mad punchlines and he delivers. My white monkey brother.
3. Jericho....he's not only a pioneer in the game, he keeps it African and he knows what the people want. He also showed us that people can change, I grew up with him I know.
2. Tribe...i'm speechless, this group is sicker then paramount hospital.
1. Stitch...its my first commercial year in the game and look what I accomplished.....a lot! I'm the best that's right.
Q: Do you think the rap game is sleeping on Female rappers in Namibia? 
A: Nope they just not confident enough, they got it but women "female rappers" need a back bone in this industry which I haven't seen yet.....if you guys wanna get signed halla, I got you
Q: Who would love to collaborate with?
A: I wana work with Paradox, PDK, Gazza, Lady May, Dogg, etc. Wanna work with everyone before I do"what I still have to announce "
Q: When should we expect new projects from Stitch?
A: I'm currently working with The TRIBE, Jericho, Betholdt and Sunny Boy on my album called "The Munchies" meaning i'm still hungry to work and build my name in this game. Then we have " Ordinary is Boring" by The TRIBE, i'm working hard, vote!
Q: How do you feel getting nominated for Best Hip Hop at the NAMA Awards?
A:I'm excited as hello...its my first album and being nominated is like getting a tap on the back, hope I win. SMS BRH6 to 66262 lol
 Q: How is fatherhood thus far?
A: I love Lebron to death, it actually means "king" and if you read it backwards? Martin Luther King? By the way, I got insomnia now, sleepless nights. Looks like he's the boss of the house twin.
Q: You're part of the group The TRIBE,  how is it like being part of a rap group again? 
A: Same old...just the fact that this is a super rap group, the best so far, we're actually getting along very well besides the fact that Jamie is "pot blou", we're getting the ear-gasms ready for you fiends lol
Q: And lastly, who is your local celebrity crush?
A: Frieda from Gal level, can you get me her number or share this on her wall? By the way, who is dude running this blog? BRH6 to 66262.

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