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Beef In The Industry: J-Black called a "P*ssy"

Rappers AJ, JBlack, Dice, Catty Cat and Mr Diamonds (in clockwise order)
It all dates back to the 5th of November 2013, when a member of F-zone (a rap group from Okahandja) posted on the group's page F-Zone Mad Talent claiming that AJ KingTrack is the best rapper in Namibia, of which J-Black felt was disrespectful, being a rapper himself.
The FB post below:


Which J-Black responded with the comment below, among other comments:

JBlack Nam therz no Truth to your OPINION...AJ is the best rapper??? WHO THE HELL IS AJ EVEN??? see this is why rappers don't go anywhere, before u even made a name for urself ur already talking wreckless. everyone that liked this post is either ur friends, urselves, or people from okahandja... lol,leme just laugh this off. peace! this is my last comment.

To which AJ replied with the comment below:

Fzone Aj Kingtrack Itolua felas let da games begin...

F-zone Weatherboi DA Cloude lmga!! check di bra etse,,, why does tha opinion seem to affect u alone??? oh i get it,,YOU MAD COZ U NAT THA BEST BEING TALKED ABOUT!! and besides u just sayd u dont know us,, meaning u never heard us, people who heard zone agree 100%,, so either tuck your rhymes in or throw em up we rap so your hating remains in your perimeter,,

All of that lead to AJ KingTrack  dropping some bars on the recently much popular online Hip Hop channel NamTv, in which he called out J-Black out. (Click here to watch the video)
The zone session that earned the underground rapper some level of recognition in the game, and had a lot of Hip Hop heads waiting in anticipation for J-Black's response, all of which J-Black brushed off claiming that "the kid just wants to get a little bit of fame using my name" and argued that an unknown rapper can't get a response from him. Since J-Black couldn't refute the claims that AJ is the best rapper, but continued to defend himself through FB updates & comments (to which AJ responded with more bars on NamTv, stating that "we don't do Facebook talk, we respond with bars"), it prompted 061Music founder/rapper Catty Catt into dropping a freestyle of his own on NamTv where he called out a few rappers including J-Back for cowering from responding to the attacks, "You cats out there is misrepresantin'/ I got a lotta amo', here's the first bullet for my cannon/ Dice? You will never be nice/  you mad cos I got the cake and wont offer you a slice/ J-Black how can you let f-zone to lift up your skirt/ By your posts on FB I saw that you were really hurt/ Who the FUCK paid 5K for your bullshit verses/ Fuck with me I'll have you in I.C.U next to doctors & nurses/  Mr Diamonds its no secret you're doin' crack/ You recorded 38 songs and all of em were wack/ You owe Infinity Studios 8 grand/ Stop sippin' Ciroc & pay my lil mans/ You chicks out there rappin', none o y'all are the best/ There's only one bad bitch in this game and that's Lioness/" (Click here to watch the video)

Catty Catt
Catty Cat's NamTv freestyle lead to Dice's response freestyle that was a fair enough response for the not-so-lyrically-bound freestyle Cat dropped on them, in which he stated "That hard-talkin' and act aint gon' back you up/ This nigga went out there and said that I was I jealous of him cos he cakin' up/ But look, I've never been the type that bragged & talked bout my numbers here/ I live in Hpark and it's my house, you aint gon' find no mums o pops in there/ This nigga been in the game for more than 14 years/ My last film that i shot cost more than what you shot your whole career/ Get the Fuck outta here/" in making fun of Catty Catt living at his mother's house. (Click here to watch the video)

And after a number of fans & rappers criticized and identified J-Black as the weakest link, he finally got up and dropped a freestyle with NamTv that he spat with a smirk on his face but got criticized even more by the public for being wack and weak lyrically and others chose to not refer to it as a freestyle because, as he J-Black himself said at the beginning of the video "lets conversate a bit"(meaning converse), it sounded like talking than rapping. When asked what he thought about the response, F-Zone's AJ said "I thought it was weak..... But I didnt expect much though". We couldn't quote much from the freestyle but viewers can watch the video and judge for themselves (Click here to watch the video)

And as for Mr Diamonds, he chose not to respond at all, before the publication of this article.

We asked some rappers mentioned a few questions. Check them out below: 

(AJ KingTrack:)
Q: what lead to the attack on J-Black during your Namtv Zone session raps?
A: He actualy started this whole beef....on our fan page F-Zone Mad Talent. The NamTv session was my response to his comments on FB.

Q: What do you think of J-Black's response?
A: I thought it was weak..... But I didn't expect much though.

Q: Do you see yourselves squashing it anytime soon?A: I really dont know if we ever will, because he stil acts as if he doesn't know why we beefing, and to him its apparently our way of "gaining fame" he should own up to what he started.

Q: What are your plans rap-wise?
A: My plans?? TAKE OVER, its only the second month and things are going good, once I register at NASCAM, its full-time radio songs.

(Mr Diamonds:)

"Mr Diamonds"
Q: What do you think of Catty Cat's attack on you? A: I would say it's Childish, He doesn't have an exact reason for callin' me out! I met him in person and asked him what the problem exactly was and all he told me was "I'm mad at you for featuring in the Maria Nepembe song and you are a foreigner, You were disrespecting Maria". Only uneducated human beings and people that never left the Country say that, Coz this is Africa and I don't consider myself Namibian or Angolan, I'M AFRICAN.

Q: What do you think lead to that attack? A: I think He's Jealous that He never had a song with such an impact as "Maria Nepembe" had! In my opinion Catt wanted to make a comeback and by mentioning "Diamonds, Dice and J Black" would probably gain him some listeners once again! I mean the song says it all "It Was All a WET DREAM (Meaning: it's Fiction).

Q: Do you owe R.U.K 8 grand? A: Nope, I don't owe R.U.K a cent and I don't owe any Producer either! I have a great and stable business relationship with R.U.K and everybody affiliated with him. If there's any producer who claims I owe him I urge you to put it out in the air that I do!
Q: Will we hear a Mr Diamonds response any time soon? A: Yes. I'll put out a response ( a Diss Track) Puttin him in his place!
Q: What is the state of your relationship with Catty Cat personal/musical? A: I had so much respect for Catt as a person and a musician, but since he called me out for such stupidity I lost it all! I'm 21 and I aint got time to waste with a 31 year old man who achieved nothing in his life! #TrapKing

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