Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ru takes the Best Hip Hop award 2013

 Hip Hop took a new turn on Saturday, 20 April, when the first female to ever release a full Hip Hop/Rap album took the award for Best Hip Hop 2013 at the NAMAs. Now the male MCs have to work to get it back from the self-dubbed Namibia's Illest Female Rapper. This is the second award on the female rapper's shelf of trophies, after she took the award for Best Single, with Million Dollar Chick, back in 2011.

Congratulations to Ru, from The Nam Hip Hop News team, and we hope the Hip Hop industry can grow from this. All these lazy rappers need to rise from their sleep, what is next for Hip Hop?
"Q: Ru how does it feel, as a female, taking the Best Hip Hop award
AMeans a sh@t load! I have now made it clear that females have preverbal balls! I would like to take this moment to motivate all females out there, if you push just hard enough you will make it!"

When reached for comment this is what other rappers had to say:

"I think that hard work pays of and she’s been working hard. I am happy that a woman won the best Hip Hop award. Shes opened the door for the rest of us."-Miss Cassy.

"Nah, I dont have anything to say on that....everybody knows 061 or Stitch was supposed to get it.... But since votes never counted, and RU works at Sula's office they made her win..... I've never heard Ru's song which won. Rush had a better chance of winning than Ru, but votes never counted. People make their people win, and that's fucking the industry up"-Rapper prefers to remain anonymous.

"I'm very happy Ru took it,she probably worked very hard. It was an awesome experience though just telling every rapper male or female next year you guys better be ready cause I'm gonna work extra hard on my campaigning. Ru has her game on lock congrats to her again, congrats to MTC and NBC for pulling off that exquisite night."-Stitch

"I'm cool with it, me and Ru been hommies since way back..its good that a female takes it, I think we needed that. Though I voted for Stitch I still think the females deserved it, Ru deserves it, she has been runnin' behind the boys for a while now. Now she got crowned, I respect that."-MC Ray.

"Everybody's dreams has 2 come true so if u dreaming it,its gona happen"-Catty Catt

"I think it's great. I think it's empowering, and proof that it CAN be done. She's forced the gate open through hard work, so ladies, what's you excuse NOW?"-KaniBal

"maaan i'm not gonna sit here and act humble or appreciative... I don't feel Ru's music...and if her winning makes her the best Nam rapper this year...then it aint hard to see that the judges don't know hip hop."-J-Black

J-Black Namibia (via Facebook):
Yesterday via mobile 
congratz to all nama winners!! i have my opinions about some, esp. the hiphop award... but music is bigger then a single award show, so fellow artists dont worry... make music!!
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  1. jeeeeez this whole nama awards dont make flippin sense, somthing is defenetly not right!

  2. LMAO at the "anonymous rapper" :-D Sounds salty. -BALE