Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Interview with Rapper/Singer KaniBal

"You are one of the undisputed rappers in Namibia whose music never phased out
with time."
Q: Some say KaniBal is a musical genius who was born in the wrong Country. But,
who is KaniBal?
A: I appreciate the HUGE compliment and I am extremely humbled by it, and I will continue to try
my best to make better music and live up to it. I am Shilongo Ashipala, a boy from Oshakati that
happens to think in musical keys and rhyme.

Q: What inspires you as a musician?
A: I am inspired by the human beings I meet every day, each one is different, each one knows
something YOU don’t, and each one can teach you something , if you are willing to listen. I try to
talk to people a lot. Also, love, and all forms of art (other than Hip Hop, I hardly listen to Hip Hop
anymore, even though it’s what I do.)
Q: What do you think of the Namibian Hip Hop Industry thus far?
A: It has progressed in leaps and bounds from the days of Shikolo and Dungeon family (the true
innovators and icons). We have begun to follow American trends and sounds TOO closely, which I
feel is regression. We need more identity, that is unique to us. We are FAR TOO QUICK to try and
replicate what’s “hot” in America (especially production).
Q: Hip Hop is a male dominated Industry, what do you think of Female rappers in
A: I have to say that they are 1) too lazy 2) too confrontational to work TOGETHER (but such is the
nature of women ANYWAY. 3) Too quick to complain about the “factors” against them, like there is
a male conspiracy to keep them down. There is NO shortage of talent. If they can escape this mental
prison, we will see great things. Nothing is GIVEN to you, you need to TAKE IT! Ru has picked up the
ball and started running with it.
Q: Who are your Top 5 Namibian rappers?
A: All for different reasons:

5) Stitch. I like Stitch. I like his voice and his accent (the over-the-top American accents ANNOY ME)
and I like his lyrical versatility and creativity. He doesn’t have a formula, so EVERYTIME you hear him it’s DIFFERENT, and it always makes me think “why didn’t I think of that”.
4) Young Cashley for his social awareness. He knows WHERE WE ARE and WHAT IS WRONG HERE! Not New York/L.A./Atlanta, Windhoek,Tura/Oshakati/Walvis, and speaks to the man HERE clearly and intelligently!
3) Mark from Black Vulcanite. Lyrically/wordplay head and shoulders above the rest in the country, has been for 5 years at LEAST. Apart from that, he is a THINKER, and a nerd, like me (lol)
2) Static Playa (Google him) combines elements of the previous 3 I mentioned, plus a musical ability,
and production skills to make him the biggest thing in a year (if he REALLY WANTS TO DO IT!)
1) Jericho. For PURE MUSICAL ability this man is undisputed. Hip Hop “heads” (I use the term
LOOSELY) very often forget that Hip Hop is a GENRE OF MUSIC and try to focus on ‘who said what punchline’ or ‘who rhymed the more syllables in sentence’ or ‘who dissed who better’. This is NOT a battle. Twizz makes THE BEST SONGS, PERIOD, NO DEBATE, and to me that’s what it’s ULTIMATELY about! Haters will hate.

This list changes in my head on a monthly basis though, according to new music I hear, and I don’t
truly believe there IS A BEST.

 Q: Who's your celebrity crush in the local Industry?
A: I don’t really see past my own INCREDIBLE SUPERWOMAN, so I don’t have one any more.
Q: There is rumoured beef between you and fellow rapper Mc Ray, is it true?
A: I’m not really sure what this is about, but I HAVE been hearing it. 
1) I’m too old, too busy, and too inspired. I really DON’T have the TIME for “rap beef’s” (not just with him, but with ANYONE)
2) I come a long way with this guy, I’ve done a lot for him (and him for me) and I have to this date NEVER asked him to pay a CENT. Obviously I’m human, and I have at times wronged him, like I have wronged MANY people, but when I feel I wronged somebody I MAN UP AND APOLOGISE and fix. So I’m not really sure what the source of this is, but I don’t know ANYTHING about any “beef” so maybe you should ask HIM, because in my head he’s my homie.
3) EVERYBODY in Hip Hop knows that I SPREAD LOVE, that’s MY THING. Until I have a real problem with someone, in which case I just STAY AWAY from them and forget they exist, not “BEEF”. I don’t owe ANYBODY ANYTHING, I spread love because it makes ME FEEL GOOD INSIDE to help other people. In future “beef” conversations, please exclude my name.
Q: Is there a possibility of the return of The Millitants?
A: We have been speaking about it, and adding another member. If it happens it has to happen
organically. At the end of the day we are family, so I’m never too far from grabbing my cousin and
brother and putting them in a studio. When the time is right.
Q: When will R.E.B.E.L be in stores?
A: I printed a minimal amount of copies, with the intent to double up, and then the ‘economy’ hit (lol). Hopefully end of this month countrywide, with 2 new videos.
Q: What is your take on the mini skirt saga?
A: I think women should be required, BY LAW to wear mini-skirts EVERY DAY ALL DAY, even in winter. And anybody found NOT wearing a mini-skirt should be arrested.

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