Saturday, 16 March 2013

Interview with powerhouse Hip Hop Producer R.U.K

"Infinity Records C.E.O R.U.K"

Taking a look in the life of Infinity Records C.E.O and producer R.U.K. Getting to know his musical journey, and how he helped create most of the Hip Hop hits in Namibia, and his thoughts on Namibian Hip Hop artists.

Q: Who are the artists under Infinity records?
A: Lo Ski, Marven South Gate, Excentrick, K-9, J.T and Dennis
Q: How did you get into the game? Your musical journey.
A: Well, I fell in love with music at an early age, enthusiastic and passionate bout the art I had to start diggin’  deeper, so I came to the capital city to pursue my career. Got registered at the college of arts for a year, after that I started to want to know more and started educatin’ myself by downloading tutorials off the net, and just like that my journey started.
"R.U.K with S.A rapper Da L.E.S"
Q: Your top 5 local rappers?
A: 1. KaniBal, 2. Lo ski, 3. Marven Southgate, 4. K.K and 5. Catty Catt
Q: Hip Hop is a male dominated industry, what do you think of Female rappers in Namibia?
A: They too deserve a chance to express themselves, cos to me Hip Hop has no limits at all. Female rappers like Bella Harris, Ru, Che the Goddess and the likes  of Lioness have been holdin’ it down and have been representing Hip Hop to the fullest.
Q: How do other artists get your beats and for how much?
A: Get at me on facebook at Ruk Prezzie Young Ceo or you can follow me at the birdhouse (twitter) @Rukyoungceo or buzz me on my +264813616049 and I charge N$600 per beat.
Q: What successful projects have you worked on?
A: I’ve worked on major projects such as Favorite Rapper (D-jay), Blood Sweat and Tears (Gazza), Kalyampombo (Blacksheep), Excuse Me (Lil Dogg) etc. Hit songs Click Song (061Music), I.M.F Anthem, I Got It (D-jay), Vambo In New York (Gazza),  Shebeen Dance (Lil D), I Did It (RainyDay), Diggy Dang (Acid), Listen To The Radio (Eddie), Oto Yolo (Blacksheep), Good To Know (Lo Ski), and Namibian girl (D-jay feat Jozi).
Q: Artists you’ve worked with?
A:  Mc Ray, Slammer, The Dogg, Catty Catt, Blacksheep, Gazza, Dice, Lil Dogg, Le-Sean, Lil D, K.K, Jericho and D-jay to mention a few.
Q: Any major projects coming up?
A: All I can say is, watch the space for the Infinity Music Familiar (I.M.F) Compilation.
Q: What do you hate about artists?
A: Ego, self-righteousness, and the thought of getting what they want cos of their title of being an artist. Most of our local artists are very misguided, doin’ music for the wrong reasons.

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