Monday, 25 March 2013

Artist To Look out for: Lo Ski

"Lo Ski"
Lo Ski is a multi-talented rapper/producer (signed to Infinity Records), who has shown great lyrical skills and a great flow in the game. We take a look at his life in music. Lo Ski tells his story:

Stage Name: Lo Ski
Sex: Male
Genre: Hiphop/ Rnb
Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Freestyling, Gaming, Skating, Drawing.

My dad used to have a band before we landed in Namibia but funny thing is I never used to pay any mind to it what so ever until the day we arrived in (keetmanshoop) Namibia from Tanzania. And due to the lack of things to do in that small town I developed a like towards learning and being a force to reckon with.
Don't get me wrong when I say I had no intrest, of course I used to listen to a handful of Hip Hop artists and when the chance presented itself to be part of the scene. I took it.
Like all rappers on the come up I would regulary download beats to rap on, until I decided to start my own production and create my own sound.
After my senior year in high school I enrolled into the National College Of Arts in Namibia to study Sound, was there for three years and have aquired the knowledge I felt was sufficient enough to pursue this "Fantasy" most dream about.
Along this journey I met some amazing people who later on became fellow associates in our scheme to prove that no matter where you from you can make anything happen. People like RUK (My Producer), Marven Southgate, Zero, Tc, Cardiac, Lesean, KnX, Staxx (Ice creamm Music), are part of the team ( Infinity Music Familia).
My most successful projects are "Good To Know Ft Lil D", which is in the Label's Album, "Ski'd Up" and many more that you will find on my page, I've been on a couple of collabo's as well that you can find on youtube with the likes of Shawty (Tell Me Im Wrong), Mr Diamonds (Stay Fly), and the most recent Nawazone (Skfy Tura Style Cyhper) alongside Nam Hip Hop heavy wieghts. 
Recently I've worked with Static Playa, a very talented rapper/producer who produced N.T.O. a very detailed track on one night stands,lol. A definite must hear! 
Now, Marven Southgate (Unknwon Division) and worked on a mixtape called "Bad Manners" which we are done recording and just waiting for the right time to drop. I Gurantee this will be the most obscence tape any one will hear, you will notice that we have come up with new rap patterns and execution techniques without using pen or pad (Unscripted)! it will be available for free download!

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