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Interview with female MC Gb

We caught up with the Namibian born and raised raptress currently residing in Russia pursuing her studies and music career, The Ghettoballerina (Gb). Check out her interview with NHHN:

Q: First of all, in your own words, who’s GB? And how did you get the name GB?
A: Gb is the abbreviation standing for my stage name Ghettoballerina. Basically this name came to me on the night that I was taking part in the finals for Channel O dance of Africa 2008. But it was something premeditated because of my 14 years of classical ballet training and my undying endless love for Hip Hop. Ghettoballerina just kinda stuck with me and I been riding with it ever since. It jus basically describes what my passion

Q: When did you start spitting?
A: I started spitting ever since I basically stepped  onto Russian grounds but solidly I would say 2010 I took music to the point of deciding to want to invest my skills into. Back in highschool (JANMOHR '06) I've always had a tendency to write random poetry that would actually sound pretty good but never would I have imagined a few years down the line I'd start rapping. but yeah..

Q: What/who inspires you?
A: First and foremost my daughter is by far the main ingredient that puts me in drive mode to do what I do coz she the heir to my legacy...aint nothing as beautiful as loving what you do and have the ones that come after you be inspired in the same way. DREAMS THEMSELVES INSPIRE ME.  But when it comes to inspiration as in who I listen to...J.cole by far has inspired me to recreate myself because he just doesnt do music...he has the ability to make you engage into his world..that's a rare talent. Shoutouts to Dreamville Rocnation.

Q: What do u think of Nam Hip Hop at this moment?
A: Namibian Hip Hop at this moment from my point of view is at a very beautiful time in history because its not like back then, when you know, Kwaito was the next best cats been working. And from what I've been hearing, seeing and keeping up with. I'm always proud to show them cats in Moscow what skills we got cooking down there. The Hip Hop be the next best thing. People just need to be willing to work for it, make sure they love you for your ambition. Coz sometimes even if you can spit fire...if you aint got the eagerness to wanna spread the flames and push for your craft to be heard...that's already a loss on its own.

Q: What’s your take on female emcees in the country?
A: Female emcees...we are a rare race at this point in time because I guess from where I stand it seems like its either some girls are just a lil too shy to actually wanna love Hip Hop but not try to invest in her potential or the potential she has to the mic.But shoutouts to those that be trying to do their thang...(Lioness, Bella Harris, Ru, Aces, Unotjarii Mupurua). Knowing your game as a female in Hip Hop is the most important trait coz it's known to be a male personified genre but if you got the skills you can even play it better than them.

Q: What do you think of the “destroy and rebuild” campaign so far, and Catty Cat’s statement about female rappers?
A: I guess Catty Cat's aim was to awaken peeps from their comfort zones and start making the Hip Hop scene interesting. Guess it was needed to a certain point coz it gets a lil boring when theirs no commotion and people tend to become stagnant. BUT my response to his statement on female rappers is...if you would do your homework right you wouldn't say what you be the proof to that @Architechts Music Group..ASK ABOUT ME!!!

Q: You started off as a dancer for Bertholdt, then you became a ballerina, now a female rapper how was the transformation?
A: Basically when I started dancing for Bertholdt I was still on ballet training...and like I said eventually I started rapping a few years down the line. My life has so far been a journey of amazing transformations and I be enjoying it all the way cause I tend to unlock hidden talents as seasons change. I guess i have the ability to camouflage myself into whatever I can prosper as an individual,and right now music is where its at.

Q:You’re a mother, a student and a rapper…how do you joggle your work and stay focused? Do you feel like you’re living a double life?
A: Basically being a mom, student and a nothing new to me. I've been dancing and been in school as well...that was a successful journey. Now I'm in university and rapping...different ball games but it still remains sports. I've grown accustomed to being able to juggle my schedule from a young age, so no, I wouldn't say I'm living a double life. I just know how to work my way around things and be great at them while I'm at it...or at least I try to.

Q: How old is your daughter, and how is it like being apart from her?
A: Beautiful Almaz is turning five soon...she is the most amazing kid in the world right now simply because I had the opportunity to be her vessel. She knows that her mom's pushing hard in all she does in order to spend as much time with her in future. It's not easy having her far but that's what makes me work hard. Like I said, she the oil to my engine.

Q:  Your top 5 rappers in Nam?
A: Black Vulcanite,Unknown Division, NeptuneBlack, Run Nams, Ambassador Star, Mc Ray....(it was hard so I had to stop at 6...but these were my best choices)

Q: How do they receive your music in Russia?
A: The Russian fanbase be growing on a daily basis...the youth especially is really into the craft we are creating in this part of the world right about now. But ,we trying to reach and are working hard towards reaching worldwide recognition. Its all about putting efforts into what you love.

Q: As we all know, you came up as part of the Russian group AMG, any plans of going solo?
A: Being part of AMG has so far been an amazing experience because I have seen so much growth in myself for the past two years...I do have solo projects as well but going solo for now is not part of the programe.

Q:  Any project in the works?
A: The AMG collaboration album is soon to drop. I'm working on my first EP write now..still putting things together but because its going to be my first solo project i want it to be magical for any individual that will decide to step into my world. "Chronicles of the Ghettoballerina" in working progress. But for now you will find us on Youtube, Facebook,Vkontakte...@ Architechts Music Group @Ghettoballerina...fanpage. @ soundcloud. SUPPORT DA KID

Q: What’s your take on the NAMAs best hip hop category for 2014?
A: The NAMAs, I cant really say much because from what I was told the public doesn't take part in the votes, don't make sense to me because music is something made for the public to hear. If they don't take part in deciding who deserves an award...from there alone it is biased for me. But congratulations to those that have well deserved their fruits for their efforts.

Q:  When are you coming back home (Namibia)?
A: I come home once a year. Mid-July is when imma be in the motherland this time around.

Q:  Local celebrity crush?
A: Local celebrity crush....would it be strange if I say I don't have one? But if it ever pops up, I'll promise to let y'all know....LOL.

Q: Lastly, the fellas would wanna know, are you single?
A: The last question had me giggle for a quick married to the game. Coz i be on mines. So basically thas a mystery on its own.

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