Friday, 7 March 2014

Interview with J-Black

 J-Black retaliates to the previous article about him being caught up in beef, or being the center of the recent beefs in an interview with Nam Hip Hop News. Read the Qs & As to find out his side of the story, or his perspective of things below:

Q: Firstly, what have you been up to, fill us in on the J-Black & Blackout Gang movement while everything else has been going on?
A: J-Black is just in studio recording that album, BlackOutGang was changed to BlackoutBoys and BlackoutGirls respectively. Clothing, accessories, etc will be revealed once the brand is trademarked.

Q: Okay, let's recap back to how it all started. Why did you feel some type of way when F-zone's Cloude mentioned that AJ is the best rapper, being that he is a new cat and all?
A: Firstly a "best rapper" is an opinion, I don’t have a problem with anyone having a different best rapper, my problem was the disrespect they showed in that post, you can claim a title but you can't insist it’s a fact when you have no material to back it up.

Q: Who is the best rapper in Nam in your opinion?
A: Im the Best rapper.

Q: AJ went back to the studio and did a whole diss track for you, what is your take on that?
A: From a facebook post to a cypher/freestyle, to a just shows how much the kid would do to get a name for himself. Kid got bars, but I have not met him yet, you don’t just disrespect me and get away with it. We gonna have to meet.

Q: What did you think of Catty Catt calling you out in his freestyle session?
A: That was fun, you guys might not have seen it but I was the first person to share that video, I wake up at 04:30 each day, I saw it first, thought it was fun.

Q: And why did you choose to respond to it in the manner that you did (your bars, lyrical wise)?
A: Everyone knows i'ma beast, i'm sure Catt knows it as well, but I chose to literally Freestyle, nothing prepared, and I just spoke really, wasn't rapping, I just spoke, I gave it the energy it needed, 0%. Once you give something such as that your whole heart and focus, then that’s what you have to lose, "your whole heart and focus".

Q: Word on the streets is Catty Catt was running around looking for you, is there any truth in that?
A: I don’t know if he ran around, he knows where I stay and where I work, he came there and found me, we handled the situation like bosses. Spoke about it, lit 1 up and left it there.

Q: What is your take on the Destroy and rebuild campaign?
A: I don’t really have any take on it, its not really my campaign, and until I understand it, I don’t know whether to agree or disagree. I however think that what he meant was "weak" rappers should be eliminated, but then again whats a weak rapper in a world filled with opinions.

Q: What do you have to say about this whole beef situation and everybody else feeling you're an easy target when names have to drop?
A: The beef is fun, they can rap about me, they giving me their "hearts and focus" they go on facebook, twitter, they look at my walls to try and get ammo on me, I don’t even know these dudes' facebook names, I don’t see them, its funny to me coz i'm eating at restaurants and dudes are rapping about me in toilets. See the difference?? But as far as being an easy target, as I said before, the dudes who called me out never met me. it's easy calling me a "bitch nigger" from 60KMs away and you've never looked into my eyes. All the rappers who dissed me, they gave me energy I never had, it's really a waste for them but as far as being an easy target goes, they know I have a lot to lose by fighting them around, I'll end up behind bars, but I have people who love me so much they have no problem going to jail for me, imagine I have to calm niggaz down, who insist on attacking whoever disrespects me, just coz I don’t wanna see upcoming rappers get stabbed or hurt over music and entertainment. So cool, rap about me all you want, soon I'll answer my phone and say "you know what, do whatever ya'll want, I don’t care about their well-being no more"

Q: Is there any chance that you will go back into the studio, and put out a track to put everybody in their place, if so ever you had to prove yourself to be a threat in the game rather than the dude everybody is dissing?
A: I would put them all in there place, if they weren't already at the bottom. And that’s funny but if you’re an upcoming, you're really at the bottom. I don’t have to be a "threat" in the game, I did a concert with a LIVE BAND, SOLD OUT show. Computicket placed the event on their world calendar as successful, among artists such as R.Kelly, Big Sean, 2 Chainz. 100 dollar tickets, more than 500 sold, you tell I had 3 club shows last year, ALL PACKED. I have the proof, club owners' details who you can ask, I made club264 happen again, I DID THAT. So more than anything, I'm not the one with something to prove.

Q: Your album Black By Popular Demand is expected to drop, what should we expect on that project?
A: Natural Namibian, African sounds fused with urban hiphop. I'm singing more now as well, in my mother tongue and Oshiwambo, so i'm really trynna push myself and gain African recognition.

Q: Hip Hop has launched a new movement, known as WAHHN, so what should we expect from JBlack this year apart from that album, that could be considered as progress contributing to the movement?
A: As for me my contribution is through my achievements. If I have another successful hip-hop show, that’s a start. More music, my music is hip-hop so when radio plays my jams, i'm helping hip-hop move. So I rather focus on me and my team plus my family of rappers like D-Jay, KK, Stitch, M.C-Ray, DiceZane Haze, Diamonds, Gurd Grill, DaMaq, D.I.N.O, SeanK, U.D,  WEIRD GANGgeez so many more, and my new protégé' Marvin, he's only 15. Watch out for that BlackOutBoy. Plus I have a project with the legend Jericho, but I won't spoil the surprise just yet.

Thanks to all the fans who watch me on Youtube, the one's who motivate me everyday, request my music and just for rocking wit JBlack, I appreciate the love.
GO GET THAT LIL D #ABOUT TIME ALBUM as well. Peace, love and respect.

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