Monday, 31 March 2014

Death of The TRIBE

Members of the most promising rap group in Namibia have parted ways due to personal differences. The TRIBE, a group that was founded in late 2012 whose official launch was in January 2013, has decided to go their separate ways.

It started with J-Black quitting the group mid-year last year as we noticed that their official Facebook page only consisted of three members, and later the rest of the group was dismantled, cancelling the release of their anticipated EP (We Are The Tribe) and Album (Ordinary Is Boring), only managing to release two singles titled "Mosadi Wame" with all four of them featuring Bertholdt and "Party In Da Basement" which features only three of the rappers M.C-RAY, J-Black and Stitch, with KK failing to make an appearance on the song.

"Aint nothin' much really, I left the group on personal terms. I always had my group/label, Blackout Gang, [there is] no bad blood at all [with The TRIBE]. I love those dudes, love what they do, I just didn't agree with a few business decisions the group were making...felt that it aint the direction we all wanna take", J-Black said as he explained why he left the group last year.

We were filled with questions like "what happened to The Tribe after J-Black left the group? Is there any hope that the group will put aside their differences and be a crew again music-wise? What happened to dismantle the rest of the group?"

"The TRIBE just started turning on each other, KK had beef with J-Black, M.C Ray was pissed at all of us for having different views and plans for The TRIBE, and I was flabbergasted at The TRIBE for not putting in enough work at the studio. The last song we did was with Bertholdt called Mosadi Wame, which clearly was a hit but due to our differences none of us actually made the effort to push the song to its utmost capability." said Stitch. "Of course we all have hopes [of regrouping] but the damage is done. When we confronted each other, heartfelt issues were mentioned and vulgar words we're tossed around. Yes, as an individual artist I will work with anyone of them but to hear another TRIBE single? I guess a manager or some sort of contract should be signed." he continued to explain. "I really don't think I have the right to make arguments between KK & J-black known to the public. So I suggest you just ask them what happened, all I can say is they were both arrogant and arguing about who takes second place in the team cause they both know who had the first spot (Lol me of course) dropping soon." Stitch ended his comment with a laugh.

When asked for a comment, all KK said was "oil and water", implying the old say that oil and water do not mix, the oil will always float on top of the water instead.

When asked the same questions, what M.C Ray had to say was that "The TRIBE will always be a movement...everybody is busy with their solo's but after our egos stop trippin' I guess we gone get back in the studio...we support each others work and movement...KK is bout to drop Start From Scratch...Im finna drop Child Of The Sun, J-Black's working on Black By Popular Demand and Stitch is doin' what he does #Munchees is also in works..TribeGANG"
"M.C Ray"

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