Tuesday, 11 June 2013

MC-RAY & producer Staxx dispute over stolen Single

Producer Staxx-Money
The dispute between rapper MC-RAY and his producer Staxx over his latest single titled Livinn’ started when MC-RAY found out that the producer had stolen the instrumental & concept of American rapper Kirko Bangz’s hit song titled My Life (released in 2011), along with a stolen hook.

MC-RAY accused Staxx of duplicating the song that he re-produced & claimed was an original song.
Just like there are two sides to a coin, there are two sides to every story. When Staxx was contacted by NHHN to give his side of the story, he said “No comment”. MC-RAY mentioned on his twitter account that he will be retracting the song from the Energy 100 Local Hip Hop & RnB Countdown where it landed at number 6 after it's premier. Staxx wouldn’t respond to MC-RAY’s texts nor phone calls when the rapper tried to contact his producer over the matter, which prompted MC-RAY to turn to social networks to express himself, to which Staxx responded through his Facebook page. 
Here’s the timeline of the tweets and updates below:

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 To which Staxx responded with a subliminal Facebook update saying:

Sunday via mobile
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 MC-RAY continued to express his anger via his twitter account, stating:

®iginality is important trust me..

Fuck Livinn theres no link to it..im takin dat shit off radio aswell..that lil boi done fuckd up.

Regardless what Happen wit my single and all dat the is still gona be sick..plus look out fo dat Free Mixtape...

is Next single gon be Feat its gone be a even ... They jus made me mad.../Izinyoka

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