Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Introducing The TRIBE

"The TRIBE has huge or better yet colossal ideas to change the Namibian hip hop genre, and the whole industry forever"-Stitch
The TRIBE a Hip Hop/Rap group consisting of arguably the best MCs in Namibia, who happen to be from different tribes. The members of the group are self-proclaimed illest rapper K.K (of Damara//Herero decent), MC RAY (of Setswana/Xhosa decent), outspoken J-Black (of Herero decent) and Baller-holics rapper Stitch (of Coloured/wambo decent). Signed under T.M.G (Tribe Music Group) owned by the four rappers. Currently working to find their collective voice as a group, The TRIBE has recorded their first single "Extraordinary Forever", their upcoming E.P "W.A.T.T (We Are The Tribe)" followed by their album "Ordinary Is Boring". What have they achieved as solo artists? Take a look:

Stitch has been in the rap game since 2008, when he started out in a group with Quido and  dropped their first mixtape "Hustlementals". The rappers decided to go solo, where the rapper went on to release his debut album "A.B.C (All Bout Cash)" in October 2012, under his record label Baller-holics.  The album that includes hits like DangerKeep It Alive & Get It In.
"were planning on floodin this market with nothing but the best music...will be responsible for alot of sleepless nyts,and excruciating head aches for other artists", said Stitch".

J-Black dropped his debut album "My Time" in 2012 under his record label Blackout Gang, which included the chart topping hit single Beautiful Life . J-black released a joint mixtape with fellow rapper D-jay titled "Wasting Time" in 2011, which included tracks like Feelin' Myself.

MC RAY has released a mixtape titled "U Made Me Do It vol.1" (2011/12) which included chart toppers like XOXO (High School Love)Mo' FireOnly Gurl, and Cool Kids and is working on his debut album "Overtime" due for release later this year, 2013. MC RAY is the owner/founder of Independant label TCTL Muzik (too Cool To Lose Muzik).

Inspired by international artists such as Notorious Big, Ludacris, Jay Z, Ice cube, 2pac and Nas K.K has been reigning  since 2008 when he released his first radio single “We Go Hard”, which earned him a nomination at The NAMA Awards 2009 & was aired on International TV network Channel O. In 2010 he established his own record label “Bermuda Records” aimed at finding young talent and facilitating their development in the industry. In addition, the year 2010 saw rise to the release of K.K’s debut album “Genesis”.

  • Facebook page: The TRIBE
  • For bookings: tribeculture1@gmail.com
Pictures taken by Nawazone

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