Monday, 11 March 2013

Interview: One-on-One with MC RAY

"rapper Mc Ray"

Q: Who is MC RAY?
A: Rapper/ Songwriter/ Hustla

Q: What have been up to?
"mixtape cover: U Made Me Do It vol. 1"
A: Since I came into the game my main focus has been building The MC RAY brand, getting my buzz goin' on radio/TV and on platforms like twitter, facebook and reverbnation with my mixtape U Made Me Do It vol.1 (2011/12).

Q: What should be expected from Mc Ray?
A: A lotta bullsh*t

Q: Any new projects?
A: 2013 finally will be dropping my debut album "Overtime 258" and a free mixtape (no title yet). We also got The TRIBE project comin' up, and look out for TCTL Muzik my new Label.

Q: Name your top 5 Nam rappers?
A: 1. I-sparks (Run Nams), 2. DVD, 3. Raw Reala (a new cat comin' outta O-town), 4. J-Black and 5. The TRIBE.

Q: Who would you date in the Entertainment Industry?
A: Date? LOL! I wouldn't date anyone, but I would tape a few; Che The Goddess, Maria Nepembe, DJ Luciuos Lischen and Bella Harris.

Q: The ladies would wanna know, are you single?
A: I'm married to the hustle.

Q: Booty or boobs?
A: Definitely boobs.

Q: Would you date for beauty or brains?
A: Since i'm just tappin', it don't really matter. Bring your beauty and gimme brains, LOL.

Q: What's your take on the mini skirt saga?
A: All I know is that, we as Africans, been around naked with skin and bone since way back. Leave the mini skirts, girls look good in em. Search for Shaduka!


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